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HYDE Portal

January 2024.

The HYDE portal is launched! Explore in an interactive manner the HYDE data, select one or more countries, one or more indicators, create graphs and maps on the fly and download the accompanying data in one go!

Have a look at:


November 2023. The beta version is running! Some screenshots with a map and graph. Looking good!

Juli 2023. Progress has been made in selecting and ordering a server as backend for the project. Also proof-of-concept of using HYDE output (.txt) through querying into online-on-the-fly plotting of timeseries. Investigating process of using NetCDF output into spatial querying and map making.

May 2023. We have selected a candidate to start working on the HYDE web portal. Looking forward to start this project!

March 2023. Great news! We have obtained an UU FAIR IT funding of 50k euro, so the HYDE web portal will be in place hopefully in a years time!

Dec 2022. Last year, we launched a plan to create a HYDE Portal, which will enable the user to browse, query and explore the rich HYDE data sets in an interactive manner. Currently, we are exploring the techniques available (ArcGIS Enterprise) to make this happen.


Stay tuned!

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